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When we started this tournament five years ago, we weren’t sure where it would all end up. Four years and $568,000 later, here’s where we stand: With the help of partners like you, we’ve helped put some 35,000 kids on to a bike, or into the equipment they require to play the sport of their choice.

That means our partners have helped to deliver a shot of independence for a young person whose family situation may make it more difficult to branch out. It means a chance to feel a part of a community on an outdoor rink, or a bike path, for a child who arrived on our shores only recently. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn what teamwork is — to gain the confidence from a game or play that goes their way, or take that hard-learned lesson from the ones that do not. We’re all a product of our upbringing, and for us at Sport Central, that childhood was spent on the rinks, courts and fields of our various communities. We’re here to make sure every child gets a shot at those life lessons. With your help, we can make sure it becomes a reality.

Mark Spector
Tournament Co-Chair



Celebrating FIVE years of BRINGING ALL KIDS ON PAR

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Golf and dine with 20 celebrities: athletes, coaches, media, business personalities and most importantly, help some kids who simply want the same sporting experiences we’ve all had in our lives.

Together we can open up the possibilities to those kids whose scope of opportunity isn’t as wide as it should be, and busying kids with sport, because we all know of the benefits.

All proceeds benefiting Sport Central.